Anne-Katrin Purkiss works as an independent photographer, primarily in England, with a special interest in  the arts and the environment.

She was born in Chemnitz, Germany, and graduated from Leipzig University with a degree in Journalism and Photography. She worked for an advertising agency before moving to England in 1984. After four years at the London bureau of Associated Press, she became a freelance photographer. Her commissions include regular work for museums and galleries and government agencies.

As a personal interest, she documents people in the context of their environment and their occupations. Her collection of British portraits spans more than thirty years, featuring people who inspire through their work and their ideas.

Photographs from her collection have been published in national and international newspapers such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Die Zeit and Nature. Purkiss’ work has been exhibited in England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Work in public collections:

National Portrait GalleryRoyal Academy library,  Archive of the Royal Society London, Tate archive,

The National Art library and the archive of the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.